Use our apps to avoid action blocks from Instagram

Social Bridge Android app


Our emulator application for Android will act as an Instagram bot and will perform actions on your official Instagram app for you.

You create and set up promotion using our web site and then use this app to launch automation and it will do all the actions for you.

Desktop app

Our proxy application for Mac, Windows and Linux will proxy your connection to the service and perform actions from the same IP address on which your Instagram account works, thereby reducing the risk of blocking actions.

We recommend to use this app if you can't use Social Bridge.

Download for:

Social Bridge

An application for all Android devices to automate Instagram promotion.

The only working solution on the market!

Why do you need Social Bridge app?

To do Instagram promotion with safe automatization

We created this Android app to avoid all possible action blocks, our app takes control of official Instagram app by emulating real person behaviour - automating likes, comments, follows/unfollow cycles, on behalf of your Instagram account so that Instagram can't detect that account is being automated.

Social Bridge app is the only working solution for Instagram automatization on the market!

Mobile IP address

IP address of you Instagram account will remain unchanged, that means less chances to receive action blocks from Instagram

No need to relogin

Instagram will not send a notification about suspicious logins or usage of third-party services

Promotion Automation

Social Bridge will do all automation on behalf of your account right on your phone using official Instagram app

How to use the new Social Bridge app?

Add promos

  1. First of all, after adding your Instagram account to the system, you need to add several promos (targets) so that we can start collecting the target audience.
  2. In the "Promotion" module, click on the "+ new promo" button and add several promos to work (we recommend to add between 5 to 10 promos).

Download the app

Download our official app from the Google Play Market. Minimum system requirements for the application: Android 5.0 and higher.

Setup the app

  1. First you need to give rights to disable "Battery Optimization."
  2. Then give permission to perform automatic actions from your device, and you give all permissions, you will see a screen to connect your Instapromo account.

Connect your Instapromo account

  1. Return to our website, find your account and inside the "Promotion" tab click on the button "Connect this account"
  2. Copy your unique code and use it to synchronize our Android application with the website

Start automation!

After successful synchronization, you will see your Instagram account in our app and you can start automation as soon as our system will finds tasks.

Pay attention

(!) Do not use your phone while the application is doing automation

(!) Automation will stop if you try to use the phone at the same time while automation is still running, or if you receive an incoming call, so you need to restart automation after using the phone

(!) Currently the original Instagram application on your phone should be in English. Change the language of the Instagram application in the settings to English.

Download Social Bridge for Android

An application for all Android to automate Instagram promotion
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